The Right Solution for Every Application

The Centrisart® Centrifuge Family
The Right Solution for Every Application The Centrisart® Centrifuge Family The Sartorius laboratory centrifuge portfolio ranges from very compact and space-saving micro-centrifuges to universally applicable benchtop centrifuges with a total capacity of up to 1,600 mL. The top-of-the-line model is a high-speed centrifuge with speeds of up to 26,000 rpm, which is of course actively cooled accordingly. Multiple rotor and carrier options, touch screen, easy to use controls, programmable acceleration/deceleration options make the portfolio highly adaptable for multiple applications.
High Performance and Outstanding Usability
  • Extremely quiet with low vibration levels during operation.
  • Convenient loading and unloading due to low level of centrifuges.
  • Easy operation thanks to intuitive menu and easy-to read display.
  • High speed, high gravitational fields available with customized acceleration and deceleration profiles.
Accessories & Cooling Options for Great Application Versatility
  • Fast and accurate cooling of your sample thanks to active compressor cooling.
  • Guaranteed 4°C cooling even at maximum speed and capacity utilization.
  • Capacity for low and high throughput applications, from 12 -1600 mL.
  • Micro centrifuge, tissue culture, traditional tube and microtiter plate adapters available.
High Product Quality, Safety & Environmental Friendliness
  • Automatic rotor, imbalance detection, and rotor life cycle monitoring prevents mistakes.
  • Low-maintenance, brushless induction motors and electronic device cover locking prevent particulate emissions.
  • Low energy consumption using recyclable materials and CFC-free coolant on refrigerated models.
  • All models are available with GS certificate, BIOSAFE rotors and buckets.
Compact, High Performance, Quiet Microcentrifuges
Centrisart® A-14 and A-14C Microcentrifuges
Centrisart® A-14 and A-14C Microcentrifuges
Our Centrisart® A-14 and Centrisart® A-14C microcentrifuges are space-saving with a compact footprint, yet powerful, and comfortable to work next to producing less than 65 decibels of sound even at full speed. The A1C rotor of the A-14 is specially designed for our Vivaspin® 500 ultrafiltration units, but it can also be operated with conventional 1.5 and 2 mL reaction vials. It supports applications for concentrating samples, e.g. antibody solutions, sample deionization or buffer adjustment, as well as the removal of contaminants with small or very large molecular weights. The powerful compressor cooling of the Centrisart® A-14C ensures fast and accurate cooling of the sample and reliably protects it from heat. Learn More About Centrisart® A-14 and Centrisart® A-14C
Low profile, Multi-function, Super Cooling, Benchtop Centrifuges
The high-speed refrigerated Centrisart® G-26C
The high-speed refrigerated Centrisart® G-26C
The high-speed refrigerated Centrisart® G-26C achieves a gravitational field of up to 62,000 g, reaching a level of ultracentrifuge that is one of a kind, making it ideally suited for high speed applications. The low profile and damping system lets the centrifuge fit on every laboratory benchtop and permits operation to be quiet, simple and comfortable. Centrisart® G-26C comes with different rotor options to accommodate almost all vessel types, which can be used for low to high throughput, as well as applications in molecular biology or cell culture.
Centrisart® Accessories
A multi-application driven product range
A multi-application driven product range
Driving the application diversity within the Centrisart® Centrifuge portfolio is its highly flexible and user-friendly range of centrifuge accessories. Depending upon the Centrisart® unit chosen, both low-speed applications and those requiring gentle handling of cells or sensitive samples, or high-speed applications including ultra-gravity forces of up to 62K x g can be accommodated within the portfolio of accessories. Centrisart® rotors accessories are designed to use the Vivaspin® line of centrifugal concentrators, opening up ultrafiltration and a multitude of concentration and buffer exchange applications as well. Additionally, a large assortment of specialty swinging bucket rotors, carriers and adapters, including units designed specifically for microtiter plates as well as common tissue culture tubes including 15 mL & 50 mL conical tubes, provide users with a versatility and convenience that is unparalleled in the industry.

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