The pH Meters

The New PB-10

Quality and Convenience

  • Automatic calibration with recognition of up to 16 buffers
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Electrode check during calibration
  • BNC connector for glass-membrane pH electrodes or Redox electrodes
  • Stability icon

pHCore Series

Performing pH has never been easier

Easy Key Operation: Mode, Cal, Stability control, OK, Scroll Navigation
Large, Easy-To-Read LCD Display
Clear Status Icons and Indicators
Automatic temperature compensation
Simultaneous pH and Temp °C or °F
Quick Display of Electrode Calibration
Recognizes 16 Standard Buffers Easy 1-2 point Calibration

pHBasic Series

Superior Results with Classic Functionality

Classic no-fuss menus and intuitive operation
Large LCD displays with simultaneous pH/mV & temperature
Understandable status icons and indicators like Stability Control
Automatic temperature compensation
Automatic buffer recognition- up to 16 buffer sets
Easy 1-2-3 point Calibration Quick access to electrode calibration data
At a glance know that your sensor efficiency & calibration integrity are intact | expired with ElectCheck

pHBasic+ Series

Experience Complete Functionality

Superior Accuracy
Full functionality with USB data transmission
Recall and output of 500 data set memory
Easy-to-use menus and intuitive operation sets Sensor efficiency & calibration integrity Clear status icons and indicators
Large LCD display
Automatic temperature compensation
Automatic buffer recognition
Programmable data collection

Premium Pro Benchtop Meters (PR Series)

Pro Performance with Complete Compliance

Exact measurements with wider measuring ranges and better accuracy specifications
Advance GLP Documentation with time and date stamps
Direct data transmission with RS232 and USB interfaces
Automated calibration with up to 5 points Automatic buffer recognition out of 22 buffer sets

Electrodes & Accessories for Meters

Unique platinum junction and refill port slider for easier refilling and less evaporation of the electrolyte. Air flush cap system prevents clogs from forming. Integrated and Non-integrated temperature sensor ATC or with ATC with universal BNC connectors. TRIS Compatible and Impervious models available for Biological applications.
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