Gas Analysers

A.KRÜSS gas analysers provide fast, reliable measurement results. They are used by many companies for the quality inspection in the lab but also at the production line if sensitive or perishable products are filled or packaged. Our Modified Atmosphere Testers (MAT) are suitable for both the random sampling and the permanent monitoring of the gas mixture used on packaging machines.
Standard O2 measurements
MAT1100 – With EC measuring cell
Standard O2 and CO2 measurements
MAT1200 – EC measuring cell and NDIR sensor
High-precision O2 measurements
MAT1400 – With ZrO2 measuring cell
High-precision O2 and CO2 measurements
MAT1500 – With ZrO2 measuring cell and NDIR sensor
Test gases for gas analyser
Calibration and adjustment with certified test gases
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