A.KRÜSS offers high-quality microscopes, which are known for their excellent image quality. Our microscopes are designed for medical and biological applications in laboratories, industry and education.
Monocular microscopes
MML1000 series – Transmitted light microscopes for laboratory, teaching and production
Binocular microscopes
MBL2000 series – Transmitted light microscopes
Inverted microscope
MBL3200 – Transmitted light microscope for biology and medicine
Metallurgical microscope

MBL3300 – Metallurgical incident light microscope

Stereo microscopes
MSL4000 series – for hobby and education
Professional stereo microscope
MSZ5000 series
Stereo microscope for inspecting diamonds and gemstones
KSW4000 series – Microscopes for professional gemmology
Stereo microscopes with zoom objective
KSW5000 series – For gemmological examinations
Tilting stereo microscope with zoom objective lens
KSW8000 – Microscopes for gemmological applications
Microscope cameras
Pulse5 und Ace12 – Power package for microscopy applications

How does a Microscope work?

The microscope was invented around 1600 in the Netherlands and has undergone continuous development ever since. With the advent of electron microscopes, light microscopes have been declared dead numerous times.Yet these predictions have proven overly hasty.
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