Validation Service

validation Service Supports Process Safety

Protect Your Medicinal Product From Contamination
Legal requirements, rapid time-to-market, high cost-efficiency: We understand the daily challenges in the biopharmaceutical industry and know what is important in your business. With the Sartorius Validation Service, we complete your process validation.

Compliance with All Regulatory Requirements

  • In a GMP-regulated environment, you as a manufacturer are required to monitor factors influencing the production of medicinal products. Possible contaminants such as bacteria, toxic substances or particles should be evaluated. This is precisely where the Sartorius Validation Service comes in: Our specialists are well trained in test procedures that meet all regulatory requirements and quality standards.
  • Our service includes microbiological and physicochemical tests as well as extractables | leachable.

Validation Services Covers Numerous Process Components

Whether you’re implementing single-use systems for your fluid management or whether your production process involves conventional equipment made of stainless steel, our service includes tests for process components such as:
Our Approach: Individualized Consultation, Customized Test Coverage
Sartorius develops and implements the optimum test coverage for you based on a risk-based approach for process validations and adapted to your specific production environment. Our experts provide you with scientifically sound and practical recommendations and we always take your special requests into consideration, which is why we pride ourselves on a customized and focused approach. By furnishing you with test coverage based primarily on all of your critical production steps, we guarantee the highest process reliability and rapid time-to-market.
pHCore Series
Minimize all risk factors and take advantage of high process and medicinal product safety. Sartorius specialists have outstanding expertise in the fields of microbiology, physics, chemistry and extractables | leachables.
Your advantages:
  • One-stop service: We take care of the overall project management
  • Sartorius combines regulatory, analytical and process-specific knowledge in a single team
  • Risk-based approach for efficient testing and rapid time-to-market
  • Global presence and short delivery times
  • Modern, state-of-the-art laboratories
  • More than 20 years of experience with polymer and elastomer leachables and extractables
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