About Us


Ahmad Systems is an international trading organization founded in 1983 at Lahore Introducing and marketing for new technology weighing and Microbiology equipment for all kinds of industry. Ahmad systems is a well established organization that has risen to the paradigm of success, with its sheer dedication and customer centric approach. Ahmad Systems relish more than 25 years of precious experience and have set up new standards for quality and excellence. The company has carved its own niche in the quality conscious international market. We also possess the distinction of being one of the founders of such new technology-based weighing system and early introduction of electronic weighing scales in Pakistan. Year 1985 was an important year in view of first agreement with an esteemed trade organization in Pakistan to provide computerized weighing services to all over the market where more than 20,000 people were facilitating with our services. Due to going on the way of modern technology and innovative policy Ahmad Systems was known worldwide step by step so Ahmad Systems was entered in international fame when international marketing manager of the world best weighing scale manufacture Sartorius A.G. visited it’s premises and offered to shake hand for future mutual beneficial business. 1992 was a start of new success by signing an agreement for sole agent rights in Pakistan. Now, Ahmad Systems has its head office in Lahore and branch offices all over Pakistan and U.A.E in serving different industries in Pakistan.

Why Choose Us

Let us now emphasize on the main benefits that customers will get by your company. Tell them that you have a solution for all their pain points and will cater to each one of them.


We want to be a company that is recognized by clients, suppliers and investors for its professionalism and values. Thinks about and invests in the long term, not only in assets, but also in people. Can adapt to change and satisfying the present and future needs of a scientific community on a global scale. Counts on satisfied employees, who strive for perfection and continuous improvement.


Introducing international standards to industrial, research and educational laboratories Equipping laboratories with up-to-date technology so that these expensive investments maintain their performance level for a long time, Keeping pace with science and technology, Informing customers about appropriate products and design.

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