Industrial Weighing

Weighing excellence now becomes affordable

Industrial Weighing
The Puro® series has been developed for your varying weighing needs. Whether weighing, counting or quality control – all the Puro® scales provide a fast and accurate weighing performance. With its robust design, innovative and user-friendly applications, Puro® scales prove themselves in all areas of industrial weighing.
Compact scales
The Puro® compact scale range offers durable, compact and multi-functional weighing solutions. Large, bright displays, tactile keys, a traffic light function (Hi-Lo-Go) and an intuitive navigation make Puro® one of the most user-friendly scales to be used in any situation that requires industrial weighing. Multi-purpose scales and a special count scale are available to choose from.
Bench and floor platforms
The Puro® platforms are suitable for diverse industrial weighing needs. The robust industrial design provides rugged solutions for a multitude of tasks along with accurate and reliable results within a second. Due to the model variety and the different construction materials the weighing platforms fit into any environment. Puro® meets all requirements and offers the ideal combination of quality, reliability and value.
Weight indicators
The Puro® weight indicator is suitable for a wide variety of industrial weighing tasks. A large, bright display, a traffic light function and five tactile keys ensure convenient operation of the powerful applications. User-friendliness is combined with simple charging and connection technology. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery is easy to change and provides operating time for up to 500 hours.
Bench and floor scales
The Puro® bench scales and floor scales are multi-functional weighing solutions for diverse industrial weighing needs. The scales unite the most needed applications in one multi-purpose indicator with large display for a comfortable user operating experience along with accurate and reliable results in a second. Combined with the robustness and durability of the platforms, the scales fit comfortably in any environment.
The freely programmable process controller, designed for applications as diverse as Phase, Batching, Filling, IBC, Counting and Truck Weighing. Extensive connectivity options and compatibility with all analogue load cells and the digital Pendeo® load cells as well as platform scales and many more weighing solutions.
Checkweighers are used in various industries such as the food or pharmaceutical industry, for checking product weight, completeness and other applications. Minebea Intec offers a wide variety of individually configurable checkweighers – from the inexpensive entry model to the premium high-end checkweigher.
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